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Pastor Stacey Dillard has been the pastor of CFM Ministries, in Chula Vista, CA for over 10 years. He originally started his ministry at The Door Christian Church in Chandler, Arizona in 1989. He was a founding member of a rap group DCC. Shortly after Pastor Dillard and his wife, Daphne, were married in 1990, he served as a Worship leader and Church director. In 1993, the Dillard’s were sent to Virginia Beach, Virginia to pioneer their first church. After laying the foundation there, they returned back to The Door in Chandler in 1996 on staff as Assistants. In 1997, Pastor Dillard stepped into the evangelist field, ministering in England, Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, and Romania as well as throughout the United States. In 1998 Pastor Dillard his wife and two young children went to Johannesburg, South Africa to pioneer a church in the Black township of Soweto. They returned to America in 1999 but left a fruitful work with many still in the church to this day. He again evangelized for a short time before leaving America with his family to pastor in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, seeing the disciples, as well as new families, rise up to become future pastors, evangelists, and missionaries. In 2003, Pastor Dillard returned to America to evangelize till 2010 when he answered the call to go to California and assume the pastorate of the church in Chula Vista.




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